The Oxford and District  Federation of Allotment Associations  (O&DFAA)  works  to:

  • promote, support and safeguard the welfare of the Allotment Associations in Oxford and to those Associations approved by the Executive Committee;
  •  provide links to administrative advice and support;
  •  act as an invited arbitrator where necessary on any internal allotment disputes;
  • represent Associations and offer support if necessary in any dealings with oxford City Council and other public bodies.

There are 35 working allotment sites in Oxford City.  These all have devolved management where the association members annually elect a committee to manage the site and plots. Committees are invited to send representatives to the O&DFAA/Oxford City Council Allotment Liaison Meeting, where we work together for Oxford allotments.

Members of the 2018 Executive Committee are

Chair Wendy Skinner Smith 48 Helen Road OX2 0DE [email protected] (Cripley Meadow AA) 

Treasurer John Lardnerr 8 Snowden Mede, Headington, OX3 7TQ, [email protected] (Eden Drive AA)

Minute Secretary/Data ControllerNickJackson 68 Edwin Court Binsey Lane OX20QT [email protected] (Osney & St Thomas AA)

Mike Halliwell Lease support 88 Sandfield Road OX3 7RL [email protected] (H'ton and District) 

Phil Baker Centenary support 41 Latimer Road OX3 7PG [email protected] (St Clements and  District)

Roy Leach 28 Pegasus Road Blackbird Leys OX46DW [email protected] (Kestrel Crescent AA)

All of the work of the executive committee is voluntary.

They were elected at the 2018 AGM on April 10th unopposed and unanimously.

ODFAA  Data  Protection and Website Privacy Policy and GDPR Privacy Notice are on the news page